Words & Tunes



House of cards

I'm looking past the ceiling
to see what I find.
Even good can be deceiving, if it's misaligned. 

Claim it's more than just a feeling. 
I rest on my pride. 
Just a step away from healing
but choose to stay blind. 

What am I placing my hope in?
When it all falls, when it all falls.
The frameworks barely holding, but I still stall, but I still stall. 
And though the storm is raging, I pray that it could cease.
All this time, this house of cards was folding.
But I held on, onto every last piece. 

I'll swim across the ocean, 
to find some new ground.
'Cause I can't believe the notion
that this could turn around.

 I was searching for affection                                                                                                                                                                                                on the wrong side.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Following my own direction
 teach me to abide


I can't hold this anymore, I'll wash up on the shore (4x) 

You Alone

I'm not used to feeling nervous
I'm not used to feeling small
I'm not used to counting moments
They're not usually spent in awe 

Gods creation magnified, by his beautiful design. I'll abandon all my pride, and place my will aside 

I cant force you to a feeling. 
Or map a course, my plans are reeling back
But I will stand through the blow, if you could know. It's you alone, it's you alone 

I'm not used to losing focus
I'm not used to losing sleep
I'm not used to seeking notice
I'm not usually in this deep 

God bestowed the purest heart, in you his priceless work of art. I just hope that he imparts, me to be its guard. 


Don't try to talk your way out.
Don't close a door, before you look inside.
Drop your worries, see what you will find.

I can't ignore the calling
I just need one single step
All I ask is to discern what is best 



More Heart Than sleeve

I guess I always knew how this was gonna end. 
I got so lost in you that I started to pretend
Forced myself in view, and I tried to make you see 

I guess I always knew that this just wouldn't last
I'd join the helpless few, that thought they'd make it past
But still I needed proof, As I walked beside belief

The pressure built above my size, still I pressed on hoping you would realize. 
This love beneath my eyes, you'll never find.. 

Couldn't you stay here with me
And be who I thought you could be
I had so much love to give
And I wasted it on you
Couldn't you let yourself feel
Try out a heart that's been sealed
Poured every ounce of me, more heart than sleeve, it's true.
All you left was residue 

I guess I've always known, 
that I never had the chance. 
That all affection shown, would be drowned in circumstance. 
And if a seed had sown, 
It wouldn't get the time to bloom. 

I guess I always knew
This dream would never live. 
Just one day with you, would judge
All I can give.
You Wanted my pursuit, 
But for me there wasn't room 


The bar was set above my reach, still I kept on knowing all we could achieve. 
But we strangled love so tight, it couldn't breathe.

Poured every ounce of me, more heart than sleeve
each day, still you threw it all away...


Maybe I came off a bit too strong
Maybe I doubted for far too long
Maybe I could've wrote one last song
Maybe then this wouldn't have gone all wrong.

Maybe if we could've had just one kiss
Maybe then your fears would've been dismissed
Maybe if we held on for one more day
Maybe then the pressure would drift away

This didn't go as planned.
Oh it slipped right through my hands.
It fell apart at the seams.
And I'll see you in my dreams.
But I can't spend my life with maybe.

Maybe I held you a bit too high.
Maybe I was acting far too shy.
Maybe I could've brought down your guard
Maybe then this love wouldn't be so hard


Bridge: Maybe I was all wrong, maybe this wasn't right
Or maybe in 10 years time, you'll still be on my mind
Maybe I'm moving on, and maybe I'll find someone.
Maybe I'll walk away, and you'll come around someday.
Maybe we need to grow, or I wasn't meant to hold. Maybe we fell apart to claim someone else's heart.
Maybe we'll just be friends, or maybe we've reached the end. Maybe we'll never know, but I'm letting maybe go..

This didn't go as planned. Oh it slipped right through my hands...

Every urge

I’m tempted to try. Entranced by these
sinful eyes.
I can’t, I can’t escape.
Intoxicating me with
every gaze.
But I stumble to
Walls build beneath my
Cause I can’t breathe
(when you walk, when you walk)
Lose my knees (when
you talk, when you talk)
So much ease (I get lost,
I get lost) in every urge.
Feels like the breeze
(when you walk, when
you walk)
I’m fumbling (when you
talk, when you talk)
Start to freeze (I get lost,
I get lost) in every urge.
Every urge.

Rehearse my
every step.
While you hardly to
break a sweat.
A chemical release, tantalizing me, in


Bridge: Can’t resist.
Clench my fists. Losing
grip. Begging for notice.
Stubbornly restrain, all I
crave, I’m enslaved.