Thank You! 

Thank you all so much for listening to my new record "More Heart Than Sleeve" and helping me chart as high as #6 on itunes! I can't begin to thank you all enough, and to thank all those that were apart of this project. I wanted to give you all a little background on the record and the songs. We recorded this album live at the Smoakstack in Nashville, TN in 2 1/2 days in early August. My incredible band and team did such great work in such a short amount of time and this record wouldn't be possible without them. The real MVP of this project was Brendan St. Gelais the producer/engineer who helped the songs really come alive and didn't settle for anything less than quality; while also dealing with me going to the bathroom every 25 minutes for 12 hours straight. (too much water, too little time)

Brendan running the board as we live tracked.

Brendan running the board as we live tracked.

But before we get to all the thank you's (which are endless), let's talk about the songs. (The lyrics for which are in the music section of the website)

House of Cards: "House of Cards" is a song about placing your hope in things that won't last, or building up your hope on a flimsy foundation. It's ultimately a song recognizing that I'd built up so much hope on a certain idea, that once it came to an end, I didn't know where else to begin and I tried to hold on to what had already passed. But more than that it's a song about placing your trust in the one who won't ever fall apart. Placing that trust in the God who made you and who is still there when the things of this world fade away. 

You Alone: "You Alone" is about meeting someone that makes you feel emotions you hadn't felt in the past and truly seeing God in that person. And in seeing all that in them, your desire to be with them only grows. But it's also about recognizing that as much as you may want something, it's not in your hands. It's a song about trusting God's will, and just wanting the opportunity to see if this person is truly who he desires you to be with. 

More Heart Than Sleeve: The title track off the album is one of my favorites on the record. It's a song looking into a relationship in retrospect. It's a song about feeling slighted, in looking back on how something turned out and feeling like you didn't get a fair shot. It's looking back and recognizing that you probably always knew the outcome before this even started, but you still had to give it all you had. It's an honest representation of a moment of hurt. It's processing on paper; it's disappointment that things didn't work out as you had hoped, no matter how hard you tried. 

Maybe: This song means the most to me of all the songs on the record, and maybe all the songs I've ever written (haha get it? maybe...). "Maybe" is an exhale; it's examining all that you could've done. It's all the if's, and's, and but's that come into all of our heads when things don't go our way, but more importantly this song is empowerment. It's recognizing that hey things "didn't go as planned" but you can't spend your life dwelling on the maybe's. It's a realization that life goes on and it's probably working out just as planned. The end of the bridge which exclaims "I'm letting maybe go" is a moment of surrender, that it will all work out as it's supposed to some day. 

Every Urge: This is a song I've been playing since my freshman year of college. It's a fun song I wrote about being too shy to pursue someone I was interested in back in high school. It's about a girl I worked with at Hollister that I was terrified to even speak to but in my head always planned on doing so. It's a song that is one of my favorites to play live and get the crowd involved, and it's jam packed with energy. 

I want to thank and give credit to the entire team that worked on this. 

Producer/Engineer: Brendan St. Gelais

Mixing: Zack Zinck

Mastering: Sam Moses

Ricky Vazquez (Me): Lead and Background Vox, Piano/Keyboard/Organs, Guitars.

Micah Von: Bass

Naomi Walker: Drums

Payton Pruitt: Lead Guitar

Madi Myers-Cook: Photos

Rachel Anderson: Graphic Design

Naomi on the drums

Naomi on the drums

Payton on the guitar

Payton on the guitar

Micah on the Bass

Micah on the Bass

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